Dr.seuss <3 scott Pilgrimm

hi huneys!

Busy week behind me. Work, work , work, friends and more work.

But it is nearly over, and ahed is a weekend with… umm.. more work? and party and friends.

Anyways,as you all know I am part of the swap-bot.com swapping community, and latest swaps I have been doing were cute ereasers swap and ribbon swap.

I loved the ereasers I got from the cute ereaser swap!

I send away cute mushroom shaped glass jar filled with pink mushroom ereasers, and I got back so_cute pandabear ereaser, neat jigsaw puzzle ereaser and these:

Amazing! They really are like little dr.seuss books with covers and everything, but when you open the covers, there is an ereaser inside.

I love them!

I am huge Dr.seuss fan, and I am so in love with these.

I found an webstore selling more Dr.Seuss stuff when I was looking for that picture (that is not picture taken by me, that is just picture of the same product I have) and they had everything like Dr.seuss pens and notebooks and everything.

I am so going to buy everything from there is I start school again next fall.

How nice would it be to do all my schoolwork with Dr.Seuss pen?

So nice.


I also made a little shopping spree to local comick book store.

I already had 5 first volumesof scott Pilgrimm, and I just had to know how the story ends. So I went and get the last part.

I really lovelovelove Scott Pilgrimm comics, I like them really much more than I like the movie.

One of my favourite comics of all times.

Anyways, now my collection is complete.

I really recommend these to everybody who like humorous, not too serious comics and really well made characters and plots.

Which makes basically everybody…

So I recommend these to everybody who just like comics.

(I think I have never heard of anybody who does not like Scott Pilgrimm? )


Now I just have to decide what I will obbsess with next when I have read all the Scott Pilgrimms.


I am just that kind of a person who must have some kind of fantasy world to obsess with all the time.

Being it a book series, TV series or comics, I just have to have something there.

They are kind of my way out of this world. When this world sucks I can always go to this another world I have.

Right now my other worlds are Emily the Strange, Dr.Who and Scott Pilgrimm.

When I read/watch them the real world just kind of dissappears, and I am in another world without any worries or sadnesses from this world.

Do you do that too? Or are books and TV series just well.. books and TV series to you? Or do you really get keen on some of them and just kind of live in them like I do?

Just out of genereal interest. I would love to know if somebody does the same as I do.

Or am I just plain weird with my obsessions? 😛


anyways, till next time huneys and dinos and everybody!





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look, unicorn poop!

hi huneys and alligators!

I have been busy living my life, so sorry for the lack of posting and blogging.Yesterday I tought I should do a post… but well.. life get in the way 🙂

First I had  to work, then an hour of piano playing. (Our library got a piano! amazing. You can play it for an hour in soundproof room for free! Love it. I used to go to piano lessons for like 10 years, and I really like playing, but my old dear piano is at my parents house right now, so I havent had possibility to play for a longg time. I was so happy, but well.. you can see (hear? :p)I havent been practising. My fingers are clumsy  😦 But I have another piano playing hour next week ❤ So I maybe I will get better again.)

Then my friend called, and came over. Were just goofing around, and then she saw the hummingbird bakery recepie cards my boyfriend gave to me as graduation present.

There are 4 different ones: strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, lavender and marshmallow. And since we are bolth little sugar mouses and love marshmallows, we decided to do marshmallow cupcakes!

we used rainbow colored marshmallows, so they ended up all colorful and cute! The frosting looked just like… unicorn poop! (yes, we had tons of fun with the unicorn poop thing… we were tireddd).

Anyways, if you can get your hand on the hummingbird bacry recepie cards, I recommend. You can make sooo good cupcakes following those recepies.

and then I just had to go to sleep, since I woke up too early this morning yet again to go to clean the bar up.

today i found these from pinterest:


Looks so neat. I want one!

And I found these from cheezburger.com

Invader Zim nails.  My geeky side likey very much.

oh, and I got an amazing packet yesterday also. I will take pictures and write a post about it soon!

So long!


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Star, give me some luck?

Some months ago sticker monster once more get some new stack, and they had these super cute lucky star folding papers.

I had no idea what lucky stars were, but little googling showed me these super cute folded stars, looking great in glass jars, just being cute.

So I ordered myself a pack of those lucky star strips.



I had an idea. Since I am constantly blaming myself for about everything, why not to write down every good thing I do/archieve to an piece of lucky star paper, fold it into a star and then put all my archievment stars into a jar.

So every time I feel bad about myself, I can watch my jar and see how many good thing I have done.


My lucky star papers came wek weeks ago, but yesterday i really begun to learn how to fold them.

I watched few videos on youtube, and I just did not get it. I could only do some weird clumps of paper, not pretty stars.


Then I tought I would just google lucky star folding, and see if they had any step by step introductions, and with the help of opane I in the end got it and folded my very first lucky star!

I did not write anything into it yet, but folding it by itself will be the archievment I have made (did that sentence make any sense?  propably  not… I am too tired to write english.. :P)


The one thing I learned from the youtube videos is you do not have to buy special paper to fold lucky stars.

Internet is full of free printable lucky star papers.

Or it should be, so they said. By googling I did not find any, but if you used the right words and spent some time, I think you should be able to find free printable versions.


I bought mine here

Anyways, I still have no clue what I will do with my blog.

I want to write.

So I deffinetely will not be putting my blog down or anything.

I just do not want to stick to certain category or theme anymore.

I just want to write about everything I want.

Anytime I want.

Whatever I want.


So lets see.

If you want to see how my blog turns out, just click follow!


with love and lucky stars:


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writing& Dr.who and american apparel

Hi guys, dolls and dinosaurs!

I am a bit lost with my blogging right now.

I have kind of grown up from the “oh so cute and kawaii and pink” land.

I do not know if the growing up is the right word, maybe I have just changed, found new sides of me.

I am really much more into quirky, weird, handmade stuff now. Not some kawaii sanrio brands.

I have no idea where this change came from, but I have felt it has been on the air for quite some time now.


Maybe it has something to do with me finding the lost sides of me again.

Writing, love of literature and long walks, so many sides that have been lost for so long time.

I have no idea why they have been lost.

I just… lessened. Some sides of me just dissappeared.

And now, little by little they have been coming back.

I am becoming myself again.

The one I was some years ago. Before Thailand, before all the bad things happened. Before mental hospital and razor cuts all around my wrists.


It is amazing feeling to be able to write again.

To really write.

Poetry. Like I used to write.

sadly I write only in my mother tongue finnish. I just dont find the proper words in english.


Today when I was just walking around grocery store I stumbled upon the sale items basket, and found an Fountain pen for 1.50

well.. the quality is as good as the cheap price promises, but it writes reasonably well, and I truly enjoyed myself  learning how to use it.

I would totally want an lamy safari one http://www.lamyusa.com/fountain_main_safari.php

Like that.

basic aluminium one.




My friend introduced me to Dr.Who when I was in Jyväskylä this week. She had just came back from Britain visiting the sceneries torchwood  (Dr.Who sidekick) was filmed, and she was just hypeing about it and how good it was, so I just loaded the first season, and yes, I am enjoying it.

I have wathced the 3 first episodes, and I really liked every single one of them.

They are just enough stuff happening all the time, so you deffinetely will not get bored, and they are so many “loose strings” and questions popping up in your head you just want to keep watching to find answers to those questions.

But every time one question is answered, more and more pop up and you just have to keep up watching…

My friend was right, Dr.Who really is addictive.




I have been liking lots of stuff from american apparel lately.

Not just their own products, but the “multibrand” section too.

I would deffinetely want to try this one out:


or this



for some reason my inner notebook geek loves this one.



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junker jane

Pure love

Junker jane http://www.etsy.com/shop/JunkerJane?ref=seller_info


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The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.

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Entrance exams are OVER ❤ Yesterday I had my last one, it was literature for the university of Jyväskylä.

Oh, I am so not going to get in…

I had to write 2 essays, one based on the book we had to read for the exams, and one analyzing a poem we were given to read then.

I think I did quite well with the poem analysis. But the essay based on the book… well… since I did not read the book entirely…it did not go to well.

I am really going to laugh my ass off if they allow me in even when I did not even read the entrance exam book.

(That was not the university I wanted to get in. I want to the Metropolia one about light engineering).


The good thing about these entrance exams was I found poetry again. I used to write poetry, and write it a lot and quite well, but then something happened and I was just not inspired to write anymore.

But after reading the poem we were given for analysis, I was inspired once more.

So I spent like 20 minutes of my dear entrance exam time to jot down some kind of poem. It is not too good, but anyways, I am writing again!


anyways, more cute stuff from around the internet served to you by Ava:

cute bear notebook from finestimagenary


These would look so cool in my room. I got an instant camera as an graduation present, and making an picture string thingie (kinda like in the box) with these across my room would look so pretty.

from girlzlyfe

I am not too into Hello Kitty, but these Hello Kitty godzillas sure look cute.

from Queen Wasp 

Monster hoodieee ❤

from japanLa



also from JapanLa


That is all for now, see you huneys later!


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