Dr.seuss <3 scott Pilgrimm

hi huneys!

Busy week behind me. Work, work , work, friends and more work.

But it is nearly over, and ahed is a weekend with… umm.. more work? and party and friends.

Anyways,as you all know I am part of the swap-bot.com swapping community, and latest swaps I have been doing were cute ereasers swap and ribbon swap.

I loved the ereasers I got from the cute ereaser swap!

I send away cute mushroom shaped glass jar filled with pink mushroom ereasers, and I got back so_cute pandabear ereaser, neat jigsaw puzzle ereaser and these:

Amazing! They really are like little dr.seuss books with covers and everything, but when you open the covers, there is an ereaser inside.

I love them!

I am huge Dr.seuss fan, and I am so in love with these.

I found an webstore selling more Dr.Seuss stuff when I was looking for that picture (that is not picture taken by me, that is just picture of the same product I have) and they had everything like Dr.seuss pens and notebooks and everything.

I am so going to buy everything from there is I start school again next fall.

How nice would it be to do all my schoolwork with Dr.Seuss pen?

So nice.


I also made a little shopping spree to local comick book store.

I already had 5 first volumesof scott Pilgrimm, and I just had to know how the story ends. So I went and get the last part.

I really lovelovelove Scott Pilgrimm comics, I like them really much more than I like the movie.

One of my favourite comics of all times.

Anyways, now my collection is complete.

I really recommend these to everybody who like humorous, not too serious comics and really well made characters and plots.

Which makes basically everybody…

So I recommend these to everybody who just like comics.

(I think I have never heard of anybody who does not like Scott Pilgrimm? )


Now I just have to decide what I will obbsess with next when I have read all the Scott Pilgrimms.


I am just that kind of a person who must have some kind of fantasy world to obsess with all the time.

Being it a book series, TV series or comics, I just have to have something there.

They are kind of my way out of this world. When this world sucks I can always go to this another world I have.

Right now my other worlds are Emily the Strange, Dr.Who and Scott Pilgrimm.

When I read/watch them the real world just kind of dissappears, and I am in another world without any worries or sadnesses from this world.

Do you do that too? Or are books and TV series just well.. books and TV series to you? Or do you really get keen on some of them and just kind of live in them like I do?

Just out of genereal interest. I would love to know if somebody does the same as I do.

Or am I just plain weird with my obsessions? 😛


anyways, till next time huneys and dinos and everybody!





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One response to “Dr.seuss <3 scott Pilgrimm

  1. I get totally engrossed in my books and sometimes in TV shows and films. I love Scott Pilgrim too. Who doesn’t?!

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